What We Do:

Kokar is an independent volunteer group founded in Kirkuk on June 16th 2016 by passionate individuals who believe in civil society activities to promote peace and build an engaged community in Kirkuk. By collaborating with local government institutions, we help our community to be part of community services and share ideas to engage people with various backgrounds in issues that matters to them.

Our Vision:

Building Engaged Communities


Our MISSION is building engaged community through transmitted volunteering initiatives, community awareness, collaborative planning, law enforcement, policy advocacy and consultation.

Our Goals:

  • By the end of 2016, reactivating the main role Kirkuk’s central library and making it a hub for social and cross culture events in the city.
  • By the end of 2016, providing financial and work seeking literacy sessions to 200 youth in Kirkuk City linking them with basic skills to potential business and job opportunities.

  • By 2017, building a network of volunteers throughout Kirkuk city with at least 30 active volunteer per neighborhood.

  • By the end 2017, increase the number of registered active volunteers in Kirkuk who are ready to contribute 10 hours a week to 10000 volunteer.

  • By 2018, planting olive trees in all of the public schools in Kirkuk city center done by volunteer from local communities.

  • By 2019, proposal of having a new legislative issued by Kirkuk council to act as framework for volunteering and social engagement management in Kirkuk.