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Mohammed Habeeb Najeeb

Co-Founder - MA in Literature & English Language

Mohammed Habeeb did BA from Duhok University, College of Education in 2008 in English language and Literature and M.A in Literature & English Language from B.A.M.U University in 2013 in India. He is an instructor and social activist as well. Additionally, He has participated in many international training courses, workshops, seminars and group discussions in USA, India and Iraq. Mohammed involved with many various educational and social activities such as managing summer camp, designing curriculum, Art exhibitions, celebrated the international day of peace, medical care program, greening the city, arise awareness around social issues. nevertheless, promote the Human Rights, Gender Equality, tolerance, capacity building, social peace and influencing the social consciousness towards the creation of a modern civil society. Mohammed enjoys Football, listening to music, watching movies, travelling and dreaming.

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Ismael Majeed Ismael

Co-Founder & Director- MA financial Economics -USA

Mr.Ismael is co- founder of English Zone Institute, He is Executive manager and Quality assurance officer at EZI. Mr. Ismael Holds a Master degree in Financial economics from Kent State University in Ohio, USA. He is from Kirkuk City. Mr. Ismael is known for his out going personality and team spirit at work.

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Hawre Hashm Sayed

Co-Founder & head of General committee - MA applied Mathematics

Hawri Hashm Sayed , owns a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics and computer science in Eastern Mediterranean University 2014 Cyprus. specialized in Geo-statistics, spatial statistics and GIS. He was a lecturer at university of Kirkuk (2016- 2017), and he has been teaching as a mathematics teacher in multiple public schools for nearly 8 years in (K.R.G.) by the Ministry of Education, he is teaching also in one of private Institute ( Al-Qalm for Oil and Gas).

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Nasik Hassan Marof

Volunteer leader- Admin- BA business administration

Nasik Hasan Maroufis holding bachelor degree in Business Administration and Management ,a leader in Kokar social initiative to ensure building more engaged community .volunteering gives you a chance to changeyour life by helping to change others life.

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Muhammed Ihsan Amin

Volunteers Director - BA History- PR – Human rights activist

Mohammed Ihsan Ameen, a 27-year-old from Iraq! A graduate of Kirkuk University’s College of Education History Department , Mohammed has been a volunteer, activist and civilian in the field of human rights for the last six years and has been involved in various training programs and organisations. With them, he provides food, clean water and a form of normality for those displaced by war. Mohammed has recently been involved with a refugee camp in Kirkuk where his role was to entertain the children, working for their happiness. His current projects involve connecting those passionate about volunteering and human rights through social media in order to organise action in their local community!

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Hallo Ali Hama

Board member- Co-Founder – Vice Director- MA computer science- logistic

Hello Ali was born in September, 1, 1983 in Iraq – Kirkuk he is master holder, 
and his major is applied mathematics and computer science. He got his master 
degree in Eastern Mediterranean university- Cyprus in 2014, his bachelor from 
Kirkuk university in 2007. 

he worked as a teacher in Kirkuk culture center (2008 till 2012). He working as a 
teacher in al-qalam institute (math teacher) since 2014. he worked as a 
computer teacher in chamchamal institute in 2016. 

He worked as a human development teacher in summer camp in 2016. 

He is one of the KOKAR group founders (volunteer group). 

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Ahmed Arif Naseef

Volunteer leader -BA Law- legal services.

Ahmed Arf holds a Bachelors Degree in Law. He is Lawyer, He values the idea of in the

essential advocacy and political changes in the post Isis Diaspora. He has been in various

international and national training courses and social activities. He is incredibly passionate in

multicultural values and works on Human rights of different minorities in Kirkuk.

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Solaf Akbar Omer

Women's representative

Solaf Akbar Omer is a 20 years old young lady from Kirkuk city, she is one of the top students in Dentistry College - University of Kirkuk.

Since her childhood she has dreamed about becoming a public figure, activist and women's representative in the community.

From the first day she joined Kokar group, she  proved herself as a very active volunteer member of Kokar family and participated in different activities.

She is interested in learning new languages, and she believes in co-working and helping the community to make it better and better.

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Zhulia Adil Nimeah

Event Designer

I am Zhulia Adil Nimeah 23 year's old, student at 4th stage in Kirkuk Dentistry college. I am an artist my most favorite hobby is drawing by different kinds and techniques. I participated in some galleries and events related to Art, And I love volunteering works so much I am volunteer at ICU Smile organization also that we did lots of events and activities about awareness people about Oral and tooth health.

As Event Designer working with kokar. In addition, I am an art designer and Turkish translator. As Leader participated in "YOU CREATE" Art project about.

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Mohammed Abdulkhalq Mohammed

Media Manager

Mohammed Abdulkhalq,he was born in kirkuk city,1999. He was techie in using computer from a very small age so after his sixth grade; he decided to continue his academic and practical fate at college science of computer. He is one of the active journalists in Kirkuk, was reporter -journalist at kirkuknow website in the beginning of 2017 until the end of 2018. Now he is social media manager at IT House, one of the team leaders at kokar foundation. He also multilingual ,can speak in (Kurdish-Arabic -Turkish- English).

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Shanga Raof Saadallah

Team Leader

Holds B.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering /Upstream of oil and gas industry Works as a lab assistant in Kirkuk University, she is one of the active female team leaders in Kokar, and she has appreciated by Ministry of Higher Education as one of top students in her Department. She believe that the power of individual can make huge difference.