Together we fight cancer. That's right. You're not in this alone. We're fighting I with you. 
It pains all of us, every single soul around you, to know you're in the slightest pain. 
The heaviest burden is the fact that it was inevitable; there's no way you could have avoided it.
But it's also a relief! 
Knowing that you're already doing the best you can to heal, and you are not responsible for the illness in any way!
There's only one thing you are responsible for: your attitude.
Take this as a chance of redemption. A chance to rise again from the ashes and spread your wings like the most beautiful Phoenix ever.
I'll tell you a little secret: God did not give you anything you cannot handle. 
He already knows how strong you are, he's merely testing the limits of your strength to let YOU be aware of your own strength.
So keep your head up, wear the brightest smile you have, and don't settle.
You were born special, don't leave until you prove it. 
Not to the world, but to your own self; because no one in this entire universe can stand in your way except you.
Show yourself how capable you are and let your inner strength and beauty reflect to the entire world to see!
And whenever you need something, just remember this: together we fight cancer. 
We are here around you, with you, and for you.
Stay strong. Stay beautiful. ❤️
Safa Salwan
Network Engineer - CCNP - Cisco Champion

Hanaa Edwar to Kokar! I support volunteering Work i support Kokar group. She is, (born in1946) is an Iraqi women's rights activist. She is the founder and general secretary of Iraqi Al-Amal Association, and co-founder of the Iraqi Women's Network. She won Arab Woman of the Year Award in 2013. Awarded the Global Peace Bureau's Sean McBride in 2011.


"maladie maligne du cancer, nous devons tous traiter et nous espérons que "nous sommes tout sourire contre le cancer." - Nadia from Morocco

Rose Mmbaga from Tanzania

We Volunteer is an independent volunteer group founded in Kirkuk on June 16th 2016 by passionate individuals who believe in civil society activities to promote peace and build an engaged community in Kirkuk. By collaborating with local government institutions, It's help their community to be part of community services and share ideas to engage people with various backgrounds in issues that matters to them.My friend Mohammed Al-Ihsani and my self, we are supporting this cause,take a self and share the message #Together_we_fight_cancer