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Welcome To Kokar

Meet the team

Some description about the team and how they meet and how founded kokar and their personal relationship with the organization.

Ismael Majeed Ismael

Co-Founder & Director

Hallo Ali Hama

Co-Founder & Deputy Director

Hawre Hashim Sayad

Co-Founder & General Committee

Mohammed Habeeb

Co-Founder & Education Supervisor

Kokar's Vision

What does it mean?

KOKAR is an old Kurdish word that has two parts (Ko=Co) (Kar=Work) which together means working together or collaborative work.

Who are we?

Kokar Foundation for sustainable development and Volunteerism is an independent and diverse NGO in Iraq. It was founded in Kirkuk on June 16th 2016 by passionate individuals who believe in civil society activities to promote peace and local communities' solutions.

Kokar believe in the power of the community initiatives. We work on sustainable development goals of United Nations. By collaborating with local community leaders, stakeholders in government institutions, we help our community to take it role in solving its own issues, share ideas, take action to engage people with various backgrounds in issues that matters to the local communities. Since its establishment, kokar has successfully conducted more than 300 activities which engaged more than 10000 volunteers and community members.

Our Vision

Building Engaged Communities

Our Mission

Our vision is building engaged communities through transmitted volunteering initiatives, sustainable solutions, community awareness, collaborative planning, law enforcement, policy advocacy and consultation to the local government.



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